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Semi-Private Wine Tours: $155/person

San Francisco to Napa Valley and Sonoma

After years of visiting wineries and tasting rooms throughout Sonoma and Napa, we at Green Hills Wine Tours have worked hard to find destinations that have great wines, a great environment, and great people. When we ask people who join our wine tours and who have been out to the wine regions previously, often they do not recall where they have been and have vague yet pleasant memories. We want to start with pleasant memories and build up to unforgettable experiences which come from truly unique wineries, special wine tours and great stories. We hope to create a day for each person on our tour that is relaxing, educational, and a truly memorable experience. Customization is key.

Some of our wine-tour goers have been on wine tours to Napa and Sonoma many times, and have visited dozens of wineries within these regions. Some of our wine-tour goers have a very developed palate and enjoy some of the finest wines from some of Napa's most exclusive wineries. Some of our wine tour goers have very little to no experience with wine and are hungry to learn about it. Some of our wine tour goers are interested in seeing the beauty of the wine regions while focusing on enjoying the company of friends and loved ones and want an experience where they can focus on each other.

We are attentive and try to create each day based on what our groups are looking for and what they share with us regarding their desires for the day. This is what customization is all about. As our small groups may include a couple or a number of people that don't know each other. We consider what each party is looking for as we make our plans.

Between Sonoma and Napa Valley there are over 700 wineries. Napa Valley alone boasts roughly 500. Many of these are small wineries, family owned or cooperatively owned by a small group of families and friends. Their goal is never to get too big, and instead focus on quality and not quantity. We call them small producers. Their wines are not found in grocery stores or wine shops. They focus on direct to consumer sales and so have a wine club that you are allowed to join and they will send you regular shipments of wine as well as other perks.

Our wine tours from San Francisco do not follow a strict timeline such as 9am -5pm because we really want everyone to have the opportunity to relax and have a full day of wine tasting. We also know that it may be a while before our customers have the opportunity to visit again and so we want to make sure that they are able to have their fill of wine and knowledge. Every small group wine tour involves a wine tasting or two, followed by a lunch stop at either a sit-down restaurant or a more casual option such as a delicatessen. We fully encourage eating food all day long as it helps your body stay afloat during a day of wine tasting. The day continues with more wine tasting options.

On average we visit 3-4 wineries, sometimes more. Time is slower in the wine regions and it passes surprisingly fast when you are enjoying yourself and some wine. There are hundreds of wineries and tasting rooms to visit between the Sonoma and Napa wine regions. A standard wine tasting involves tasting at a bar. More intimate tastings may include a bar or seated tasting where a wine educator shares knowledge of the wines and the winery with you. Select wineries ofter tours of their facilities, educating you either about the process of how their wine is made or how their grapevines are grown (or sometimes both). A handful of wineries have options for pairing their wines with cheese or chocolate. Each winery tries to establish itself and its wines and so tries to focus on creating experiences that will allow you to most enjoy their wine.

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