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Each year San Francisco greets over 20 million visitors for business and leisure. With the exceptional reputation the neighboring wine regions have created for themselves many of these visitors seek out tours that will lead them into the heart of the wine regions. Long before landing in this diverse coastal city the research begins. The internet has allowed San Francisco’s prospective tourists and businessmen and women alike to avidly research who has the best wine tours to Napa and Sonoma from San Francisco. At present choosing the best tour is often quite overwhelming. When you have so many to choose from how do you decide? It’s also important to recognize that the term “best” is incredibly subjective and so self-identifying what would make the “best” wine tour before confirming a selection is really important. Factors that GREEN HILLS WINE TOURS chooses to differentiate itself from others include: cost, group size, caliber of the wineries, experiences, reasonably priced private wine tours and customization.

GREEN HILLS WINE TOURS is unique and has used a list such as this to create a spectrum of experiences that will be exciting and enjoyable for both the newbies and wine connoisseurs. So, let us go through these characteristics used to help determine what could be the best wine tour to Napa Valley and Sonoma from San Francisco. Price is an important consideration for many who may have a fixed travel budget. Many companies provide similar tours that run within a similar price window and so that slight cost increase or decrease has more to do with other considerations such as length of wine tour, pick-up and drop off locations, vehicle type and group size that can greatly inhibit your overall experience. The smallest wine tours are offered by companies that specialize in small group wine tours to Napa Valley and Sonoma and can be as small as parties of 2. When one is new to wine tasting a small group experience could be just the right fit. While there are hundreds of wineries between Napa Valley and Sonoma wine regions, many are small and exclusive. They are not designed to welcome a tour bus onto their grounds. The caliber of wineries that large bus tours are able to access is not the same caliber of wineries that small groups are able to access. 
Some Napa wine tours from San Francisco have pre-set wineries and worst-case scenario would be that you know what you like and the set tastings at all of the wineries don’t include any of your preferred wines. If you are open to all wines this works well, and in reality any kind of wine tour could include visiting wineries that make wines that are not your preferred style or taste. Our private wine tours from San Francisco are just what they sound like, they involve you and someone you care about, perhaps a significant other or perhaps a group of friends you’ve known forever. What’s great about this choice? You get to spend the day, not making friends with anyone else and instead focusing on wine touring and catching up on all the dirt and all the gory details that make up each other’s lives. GREEN HILLS WINE TOURS specializes in small group wine tours to Napa and Sonoma from San Francisco and is a perfect option if you have a group of family or friends and just want to have them in your personal space for the day. Again referenced further down, the caliber of wineries available to private wine tours and small group wine tours is almost endless.
The length of the tour varies greatly depending on the tour company. Never has the term “time flies when you’re having fun” been so appropriately used. Many companies have a basic structure of 9AM - 5PM. Some have earlier pick-up times and a small few extend until later in the evening. It’s important to do your research here because longer tours have the benefit of including visits to more wineries. Also understanding that traveling to either Sonoma or Napa Valley takes a minimum of 1 hour each way and so on average driving to and from San Francisco to either destination is around 3 hours. If the tour schedule is 7-8 hours that means that half of your day is simply just travel.  
Unlike most wine tour companies that have set pick-up locations in San Francisco, GREEN HILLS WINE TOURS provides door to door service where you are picked up and dropped off exactly where you are staying. The benefit is that after relaxing and imbibing wine all day there are no extra steps in getting home. The size and caliber of the wineries varies even more than the size and caliber of the wine tour companies! The spectrum of wine can be broken down as those that are cheap and cheerful to those of the highest accolades considered to be some of the best in the world. Sonoma covers this spectrum a little more fully, however continues to strive to align itself with Napa. Napa Valley established itself as one of the best wine regions in the world after the 1976 Judgement of Paris and continues to strive to be a wine region famous for full-bodied red wines that can compete and compare with some of the finest of Bordeaux, and other prestigious wine regions in the world. The best wine tours to Napa and Sonoma from San Francisco can be many things to many people. For those 20+ million visitors passing through San Francisco each year is important both to research what is available and to understand what sets each wine tour company apart allowing you to choose what would be best for you and what to expect out of your Sonoma or Napa Valley wine tour adventure. 
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